Pune is known for its heritage, culture and historical places, it is a cosmopolitan city that adopts people belonging to various religions, regions, castes, and ethnicities.

The history of this city is firmly related to the rise of the Maratha Empire, second largest city of Indian state of Maharashtra and the ninth most populous city of the country

This city is famous for its manufacturing and automobile industries and accomplished the highest record of growth within two decades. Pune is also a hub and leading IT destination and offering a perfect ecosystem for start-ups and business center. Almost every major national and international IT companies have set up a campus here. Coworking spaces helping many entrepreneurs to build their start-ups by providing all the resources at single the place from coworking space, shared office, to business center also mentorship and technology support.

This coworking space located in the central commercial area of Pune, and well connected through road and public transport. This isn’t a surprise as recent years have seen many start-ups from this city. This space with state of the art amenities and modern infrastructure with brilliant aesthetics that defines the overall aesthetics of this workspace.

This collaboration zone consists of meeting lounges, fixed desk spaces, and premium cabins. With modern lifestyle, you’ll find International cuisine restaurants, famous pubs, bar, and shopping centers.

A place where you can meditate to calm your mind, workout to burn some extra calories. This coworking has all the facilities and amenities to make it a perfect and well-equipped workplace. Located at Magarpatta City, Pune ready to offer you a working environment where you can spend productive hours on your works.

This coworking space is located in a posh residential area Kalyani Nagar, Pune. Offering 50+ combination of premium and flexible workspaces which come along with the necessary infrastructure. Everything that you need is available here, a well-equipped meeting room, where you can have the discussion with your team. The cafeteria where you have a nice cup of coffee during the break time. All you need to do is choose your space, and you can start your work. Also read 10 Best Coworking Spaces in Bangalore

Take a smarter decision and move your office into Smartworks coworking space. This space is located in summer court a luxurious arena in Pune. Providing facilities like multi-specialty hospitals and restaurants, making it a much preferred commercial space available.

This space has all types of space, suits for your needs. If you want to meet and work with like-minded people, then smart labs are something for you.  If you like some privacy while working, then you can choose the smart cube, where you can work with privacy, and you can grow your network at the same time.

Who wouldn’t like to work in a creative & calm environment in the midst of nature surrounded by beautiful and spectacular trees? This space believes in creating a mindfully pleasant space for you to impact the way you feel. Whether you just have begun your startup or you are an individual creator, you will find your space here.

The DAFTAR coworking space is located at baner road, Pune. This space is designed and built for providing you a growth-ready work environment. A place where you’ll get the opportunity to share your ideas and collaborate with other like-minded people. Also a Community of Coworkers, Mentors & Advisors where learning & sharing never ends.

This space in Platinum Tower an exclusive corporate and Technology Park set in the heart of Pune. Located in central of city, makes this space more convenient locations to start your business. This space is also nearest to all major transportation facilities, 7kms away from the airport and 1km away from the nearest railway station. This space offers a modern office space and a professional business environment with all the necessary amenities.

Starthub is a premium corporate co-working space. This space is a mix of contemporary- urban yet formal co-working place with decked up conference room, cafeteria and completing with an unwinding zone, where you can relax and refresh yourself to become more focused on work. Space will take care of all your basics.

The Space, Centrally located in Pune, providing a vibrant and friendly workspace and a great working environment and support. Well connected through roads and local buses, the neighbourhood you will find hospitals, the fitness center at walking distance. Also read 10 Best Coworking spaces in Gurgaon

Gastro pub is nearby only where you can go for some relax on the weekend. Aside from these facilities, this space is offering a wide range of amenities to meet your office needs.

TRIOS is one of those spaces that offers you more than coworking space. Availability in this space is flexible so you can choose your own schedule to make the most out of your work. Including all office amenities, this office will provide you with mentoring and assistance to solve your business problems. TRIOS provides a special Voyager Program for innovative ideas and start-ups to help them convert their idea into the real world product.

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