Ronak is the cofounder of Mascots, a coworking space in Central Business District of Mumbai. He initiated Mascots with the aim to provide a workspace with a minimum time investment and effort, to help startups, freelancer, and travel worker by providing a structured and flexible atmosphere for work.


Tell us something about yourself?

I am a very keen observer of life and the principles of living. I am a firm believer of living a life with a vision because that is the driving force for achieving success, greatness, and satisfaction.

What was your first Job, and through the journey of how you got here today?

Cofounded and grown two businesses. Previously, was a founding member of Pykih, a data visualization business that served customers like Narendra Modi, Microsoft, ICICI Lombard, etc. As the COO for 3.5 years, scaled the business from 1 person to 17 people and served 50+ brands across 7 countries. Prior to this, at 19, cofounded and ran Krypton Infomedia, a website development agency, for 4 years. Realising the importance of startups and their vision, now running a coworking business to get these visionary startups to scale their companies.

What inspired you to start coworking space and what makes Mascots Cowork different?

With the ever-growing number of startups and the management overheads of running an office space, the success percentages have always been waivering considering the uncertain real estate market in India. So with a vision to bridge the gap and while in this process, cater particularly health industry’ startups.

How would you describe the community at Mascots Cowork?

The community at Mascots had always been tremendously humble, helpful, creative as well as the enthusiast. They have been the operational managers as well as sales managers when the team is not around. They are the stepping stone in Mascots journey as much as the team is. There have been numerous instances in which their co-operation played a critical role in our trying, learning and stabilising phases.

What do you think about the future of coworking?

Considering the understanding of keeping the business startup phase asset lite and investing more and more in ideas and IPs, envisions and entrepreneurs have started investing and growing their business in coworking spaces. While it saves money, it saves something more precious which is time and effort to setup, travel and many more. Also, the approach of growing together and hunting the right coworkers has led to more and more adoption of coworking spaces. With the pool of entrepreneurs growing, there is a growing demand for coworking spaces and with the funds coming from investors and philanthropist, the coworking operators will keep growing at least for next 4 years.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced? How did you get over it?

Establishing, sales, events has never been a challenge as much as operations have been. There are numerous instances of technical failures, one of them is AC failure for a couple of days. Though with the creative and presence of mind of the team, we immediately got coolers and vertical AC in place and to freshen the minds of community members, distributed wet tissues, played games, gone for group dinners. Keeping them satisfied was a challenge while ensuring their happiness was the utmost priority and that was the toughest part then.

The startup journey for an entrepreneur can be hard especially, when you are bootstrapping everything from scratch, and the founders of coworking spaces know about the obstacle that will come on the way, and they want to cut down the hardship for aspiring entrepreneur by creating a working environment for people with similar characteristic and passion that come together to learn from one another.

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