I Need Space

  1. I only want to rent one desk, is that possible?
    Absolutely! So long as the listing you’re interested in it has Hot/Fixed desk availability, you’ll be able to rent one office desk. All you need to do is decide, what level of flexibility you want, and be sure to schedule that viewing to see if it’s the spot for you. If you need more information about the listing, please take advantage of our Request More Info function on the listing page – you’ll be sent a pdf version of the listing which can be shared with your colleagues.
  2. What should I look for in a workspace?
    We spend the most of our productive hours at work. So it needs to be a place where we can enjoy and be productive. Check out some of the things you should look out for, here.
  3. What’s included in a serviced offices?
    This differs from host to host, however you can usually expect things such as utilities, cleaning services, business services (.e.g. reception) and sometimes even catering to be included.
  4. How much office space do I need?
    Ideally, you will need 500 sqft – 800 sqft for Small Startup, later it can be increased on basis of the team size.
  5. I can’t find an office that suits me – what now?
    Sorry that you couldn’t find what you were looking for, and don’t worry, we’ll onboard tons of new offices every single week. We’re assured, we can find something suitable for you. Get in touch with the most important things you’re after, including
    1. The number of desks you need
    2. Your max budget
    3. Preferred location
    Our team will get back to you ASAP with the recommendations that you may have missed!
  6. My company isn’t a startup – can you still help me?
    Absolutely! Although we do have a lot of offices listed that would be perfect for a startup, we also cater for larger teams and established companies who are looking for something else. Using our search filters, you can characterize specifically what you’re looking for, after by selecting things like an approximate number of desks and/or selecting to search only for Private Offices. Alternatively, contact us with what you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to assist.
  7. How do I schedule a viewing?
    Our team will be co-ordinating with you.
  8. I haven’t got time to search – can you help?
    Yes! Contact us for more details on what you’re looking for and we’ll recommend you some options. Just let us know what are the most important things you’re looking for after are, including1. The number of desks you need
    2. Your max budget
    3. Preferred location
  9. Is there any hidden cost of using Top Coworks?
    No., we do not charge you for searching for space, and we won’t ever do that. The only cost involved will be when it comes to paying for your chosen space, and the price set by the office host.

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I have Space

  1. How do I get my listing on your lending page?
    We’re always happy to help you gain the exposure you need. Please send us an email with your query (Email Id) and we’ll be in touch with you ASAP.
  2. How do I appear higher in search result?
    We aim to provide the most accurate, and most recent available listings on top of the search results to give the best and possible results to our searching tenants. In order to maintain your higher rank visibility, please keep your listing up to date. If your listing is up to date and you’d like a push with extra promotion, please reach out to (hi@topcoworks.com) with your requirements and our team will be more than happy to help!
  3. How do I promote my listing?
    Please send an email to (hi@topcoworks.com) with what you need. Our team will be more than happy to help
  4. Can you help me build my listing?
    We’d love to help you with coordinating your space with fantastic tenants – crafting an amazing listing is significant to this! You can do this by clicking on List Your Space For Free on this page. As you follow the steps to add your Building/Office listing you’ll see we’ve included some helpful tips. Tenants love to hear more about the facilities of the space, make sure to highlight any unique features to your listing.
  5. What else can Top Coworks do to help me find a Tenant?
    We’re always happy to help when we can. Please contact us on (hi@topcoworks.com) if you’d like to talk more about your listing and how we can help to push your listing out to more people.
  6. What happens to my TopCoworks listing once I’ve filled my space?
    Firstly, congrats! If you haven’t already let us know, please drop us a line (Email
    Id) to confirm the details.
    When you’ve successfully filled your space, you’ll want to amend your office listing’s availability via your host dashboard and set the office as ‘Full’ so that people can still view your listing and save it for later.
  7. Does TopCoworks take a commission for me find a tenant?
    TopCoWorks charges minimum commission as a marketing charges.


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